Friendly face of Ben Jex greeting you.

Hi there! I’m Ben from California’s Central Valley, I love games and I’m slowly learning to garden 🪴. At my core I seek to improve my relationship with myself and help others to do the same; I believe in the power of empathy and design systems to get us there.

Research & Design Process

Problem Statement
A digital professional needs to plan their daily and overarching workflow. To do this they have to maintain awareness of their appointments and deadlines.


Heuristic evaluation; analyze existing tools to find advantages and drawbacks.
Survey and interview people to understand needs and problems.


Design Research Personas humanize users & focus development efforts.
Journey Map; clarify timeline and actions, empathize with pain points.


Problem Definition

  • Hard to see open times when there’s lots of events
  • Doesn’t perceive calendar if not interacting with it
  • Digital calendars haven’t been aesthetically attractive

Solution Needs

  • Present a rich overview without crowding
  • Draw attention during inactive times
  • Allow for aesthetic expression

Iterative Design & Testing

Brainstorm a quantity of ideas to get quality.
Wireframes and Paper Prototypes explore ideas and test their promise.
Usability testing with real users reveals areas and opportunities for improvement.
High-fidelity prototypes allow for more specific feedback and thorough designs.

Validation & Handoff

Summative evaluations and more usability tests are used to prepare the design for development.

Thanks to #WOCinTech for providing gender & racially inclusive stock photography.